Are You Really Ready to Sell Your House?

You've heard it's a seller's market. Is that good or bad for you?

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A seller's market is generally good news for sellers, because it means there are more buyers than sellers, which tends to jack up the price of available homes.

How do you figure out what price to put on your house?

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Comps, short for "comparables," are the best way to figure out the right price for your home.

You're throwing an open house. What does that mean?

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Open houses give numerous buyers a chance to check out your house all at once.

What is home staging, and how can it help you sell your home?

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Experts estimate staged homes sell 88% faster than nonstaged homes!

Which of the following problems might you have to disclose to buyers?

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Ask your real estate agent about the disclosure laws in your area, since you might have to share some crucial information about your own home.

What does it mean to sell your house 'as is'?

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Selling "as is" puts the onus for any repairs or renovations on the buyer.

You got an offer on your house, but it seems low! What can you do about it?

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It's OK to negotiate with a buyer or say no to a deal.

Which of the following can legitimately stop a sale in its tracks?

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Many things can jeopardize a sale, including problems with the mortgage, home appraisal, and inspection.

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