Best Options for Buying or Selling a House


I’m retiring early, selling my home in Ohio and moving someplace warm. I have decades ahead of me. Should I buy?

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Buying usually makes more sense than renting if you plan to be in a place for a decade or more. But you might change your mind, especially if you are moving far away.

We have been offered a seller-financed mortgage for a house we’d like to buy. Should we take it?

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Any of the options may be true, depending on your particular situation.

After overhearing my sister-in-law in New Jersey talk about the joys of her NORC, I have a simple question I was too embarrassed to ask her: What is a NORC?

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Researchers estimate that a third to half of people over 55 already live in a "naturally occurring retirement community."

We are getting married and both own fully paid-off houses in the same city. Which one should we call home?

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You can modernize a home and make it accessible by renovating, but you can’t remodel the neighborhood.

We found a nice condominium that we can afford, and know we need to review the board’s minutes and other condo documents before saying yes. What in particular should we be looking for?

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I’m in my 60s and buying what I hope to be my last home. A 30-year mortgage is so much more affordable, but a 15-year would let me build up equity faster and even pay off the home. Which is smarter?

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Unless you can pay cash and still have enough left over to fully fund your retirement, a 30-year mortgage gives you the security of a fixed rate with payments far lower than those of a 15-year mortgage.

We want a vacation home that will be a gathering place for our children and their families. Where should we buy to motivate the family to visit for many years to come?

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Your adult children may relocate, and your own ability to hike, ski or climb over dunes may decline.

How can I cut my living expenses without moving to a cheaper area or lowering my standard of living?

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Gifting or selling your house to your children, and then living there, is the only option that will both maintain your lifestyle and reduce your costs.

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