Strategies For Home Sellers


You decide to re-list your home and plan to contract with the last agent who did not sell your home. You can expect:

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"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results" - Albert Einstein

prospects but no actual showings or offers:

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Similar homes for sale at or above $600k in an area have been on the market for 3 months, and there have been calls from

When comparing homes in the luxury market:

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A luxury home buyer principally buys "lifestyle", a consideration largely independent of geographic proximity.

In actuality, a shortsale is really just:

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A shortsale is a request from a mortgage holder to their lenders petitioning to be released from their financial obligation due to a "hardship". The request accompanies a contract to sale from a prospective buyer at a price below what is owed on the mortgage, exhaustive financial information about the seller, and a letter explaining why the owner is unable to continue to fulfill mortgage payments.

A unique aspect of South Florida Real Estate Sales is that:

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Foreign buyers have become a major factor in real estate sales in Florida.

Successful marketing of luxury properties relies on the following actions:

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The following is true about homes for sale:

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The magic of real estate is that there is a price at which even the most poor conditioned or ugly home will sell.

Successful staging & presentation of your home:

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A well staged home de-emphasizes our own style and brings the home decor to a more neutral appearance. This helps potential buyers more easily envision how the home might appear with their own decor and taste.

Sellers can find a buyer for their home:

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The real estate market functions exactly like the stock market: Buyers dictate what they are willing to pay for a home in an area at a particular time.

Statistically, in Palm Beach County homes that sold after a price reduction:

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Statistical data consistently shows: NOT listing a home at a price that will cause it to sell results in a greater than 15% loss in price sold.

Real estate agents exist to help:

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A good agent will be insistent about you doing what is necessary to get your home sold. Indicators of a professional real estate agent:

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Showing up on time is like wearing a suit for an interview. Agents who list homes above market price may not even get phone calls. If your agent is not proactively marketing your home to their sphere of influence, go and find another one who will. The best agents contact you regularly.

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