Does the agent have a strong online presence?


You asked for a listing/buyer presentation and received…

What does the agent offer as part of her services?

Is the agent pushy?

After a conversation with the agent, you felt…

Does the agent have a strong online presence?
This agent will go above and beyond for you, and they’ll happily call on their network of trusted real estate professionals to do the same. Their organization skills, attention to detail and professionalism will immediately stand out and serve you well during your transaction. And their charisma will likely turn you into a fan and a referral.
This agent is competent and resourceful. You may have to take the lead and push them to take action sometimes, but they are reliable and will get the job done.
This agent does what is necessary and legally required, but don’t expect anything beyond that. If you aren’t pressed for time and are comfortable with an agent with limited resources, this agent should work for you.
Use with caution.

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